Richass Murloc Social Club, as the first avatar NFT project empowered social Metaverse on Binance Smart Chain, is a unique collectible NFT of 10,000 Murlocs. You're not buying an avatar or a piece of art that may worth something but a membership access to the social club, where benefits and offerings will increase over time. Each Murloc is unique and randomly generated from over 130 possible traits, including clothing, headwear, and more. All Murlocs are dope, but some are rarer than others. Try to find them. The Murloc NFTs are stored as BEP-721 tokens on Binance Smart Chain and hosted on IPFS.


The murloc, known as a bipedal, amphibious intelligent race residing along coastlines, lakeshores, and riverbanks in Pentos, one of the worlds in Metaverse.

They have to immigrate to this world in 2055 with vast amount of accumulated wealth as wars destroy their homeland.

They're eager to know more about this new world so they establish the Richass Murloc Social Club.

They are ready to embrace the new world.


Phase 1: The Menace and new hope aka 25% mint

When Murlocs immigrate to the Metaverse with their accumulated wealth, all they have is themselves. They feel lonely and home-sick usually so they’re eager to make some new friends locally. They established "Richass Murloc Social Club" near the coastline and got ready to have some fun with their friends.

  • Social media, Telegram group and Discord server have been established as the start of Richass Murloc Social Club.
  • Murlocs decide to create the “Murloc Foundation” as the incentives of the Club.
  • Stickers in Telegram will be released.
  • Murloc market bot on Telegram will be released.
  • Murloc built a nursery for their Kittens, called the Cattery. Each Murloc member is able to adopt a Kitten in the Cattery for free. All they have to pay is gas fee.
  • Murloc has a new idea to add some accessories to their Kitten in different style in the changing room. DIY your Kitten with accessories.

Phase 2: The Emerging Richass Murloc Social Club aka 50% mint

Richass Murloc Social Club is continuing to grow, Murlocs make more friends and spend more time with their Kittens. Also, Murlocs need adventure as never before.

  • Murloc is planning to build a wharf. Adventures await.
  • Murloc members have a further plan of how to spend their money by a launch of Murloc Treasury. The Committee of Murloc Treasury will be elected among Murloc members.
  • As Murloc members are growing, Murloc Parliament is needed to discuss internal affairs of Richass Murloc Social Club, including the marketing budget and future develop of RMSC. A special Committee of Murloc Parliament will establish, as the early form of Murloc Parliament.

Phase 3: The Democracy for Murlocs aka 75% mint

Richass Murloc Social Club now has a significant impact on the Metaverse and more friends have been invited to have fun with Murlocs. Murlocs have something else to plan…

  • Building plan of Murlocs gym, where Murloc members compete with others in various of games will start.
  • Accessories for Kitten in blind box will start to vote, Murloc members will decide which design should be added in the blind box. The designers will receive revenue from blind box sales.
  • Farms around the Club house will start to build and it’s a place for Murloc members to grow something. Wheat? Sea Weed? Who knows?
  • It’s time for our Murloc members to launch their own Murloc Parliament.

Phase 4: New Era for Murlocs aka 100% mint

Fully mint is another milestone for Richass Murloc Social Club. Murloc members now will benefit from the growth of the Club. Let’s invite more friends for parties!

  • The Committee of Murloc Treasury election will start. The committee will vote for IRL events or decide how to spend total 140 BNB in the treasury.
  • RMSC will be listed on Pancake Swap.
  • Murloc stake-to-earn becomes possible.
  • 10% of Murloc sales will be sent to Murloc Treasury. There may be at most 140 BNB in total.
  • 10% of Murloc sales will be sent to Murloc Foundation. At most 140 BNB will be used for marketing campaign, including BNB giveaways.


We aim to create a crowd-built, and crowd-governed community and create a decentralized crypto IP, looking at new ways to bring more value and benefits to our community. Stay tuned for more updates as our club grows!

The chatting lounge

A place where you can share your ideas with other Murlocs.

The gym

A place for Murlocs to compete with others in various of games.

The changing room

The room for Kittens to show off their fancy clothes.

The wharf

Where Murlocs dock their yachts.

The nursery

It’s a place for Murlocs to adopt pets. These will make up a separate collection.

The swimming pool

A liquidity pool to allow Murlocs to stake and earn rewards.

The concert hall

The concert hall for musicians to play in the hall, exclusive access for our Murloc members.

The farm

Farms around the club house.

What is Richass Murloc Social Club?
Richass Murloc Social Club is established in the Metaverse by a group of Murlocs who just fled from their homeland with vast amount of their wealth. Each Murloc is unique and randomly generated from over 150 possible traits, including clothing, headwear, and more. All of them are stored as BEP-721 tokens on Binance Smart Chain and hosted on IPFS.
When will Richass Murloc Social Club start to mint?
Murloc sales are divided into 3 phases Details about each phases will be shown on our website and announced on our Twitter. The first phase will begin at 21 SGT on October 16. Please stay tuned.
What can I do with the Murlocs?
The Murloc you hold works as a membership of Richass Murloc Social Club, where you will gain free offerings and benefits over time.
Can I buy outside of our website?
Only secondary sales will be possible outside of our website.
Why can I only buy less than 5 Murlocs?
As each Murloc you hold represents the membership of Richass Murloc Social Club, we have to make sure that there are as many members as possible and no one should hold that many membership.
Do I own the commercial rights to my Murlocs?
Yes. Ownership includes the full commercial rights for each individual Murloc and any commercial use without the specific Owner's consent is not permitted.
Why the rarity of Murloc changes from time to time?
The rarity of Murloc displayed on 3rd party platform may change due to the launch of each subsequent phases, however, the rarity is fixed. You can check rarity section on our website.
Where can I trade my Murlocs?


RMSC was founded by 4 Murlocs who intended to show you what richass Murloc looks like, inspired by BAYC artworks.


Nyarlathotep,COMPUTER NERD.



Murloc Contract Address:
Murloc Foundation:
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